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Hear My Baby, Heartbeat Monitor

Hear My Baby App for iPhone allows you to hear your baby using just your iPhone's microphone. 

It uses advanced sound engineering technology so isolate and amplify the heartbeat sound from within the uterus, and much like a visit to a mid-wife, when the baby is in the right position you are able to hear, record and share your baby's heartbeat. 

We would love your help to make it better and help test the app for free on Monday 30th May 2016.

If you have an iPhone 5 or above and are ideally (but not necessarily) 30-40 weeks pregnant, we'd love you to help us beta test Hear My Baby before its major worldwide release. You don't need any accessories, just your phone.

Please enter your email address below so you can apply. We can ONLY accept 500 people though.

How Hear My Baby looks currently!

How Hear My Baby looks currently!

Please note: This isn't intended to be a medical device OR replace medical advice or support. You should always seek to speak with your doctor with any concerns you may have. We strongly recommend switching your phone to airplane mode while using the app, which will render your phone safe to use with the baby.


With best wishes
Jo and Duncan Abbott